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Artist: Sal Bonavita.

Playing time: 2.21
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(Words & music by Sid Tepper - Roy C. Bennett)
Recorded by Elvis Presley in the movie “Flaming Star” (1961) and Cliff Richard (1965)






Lyrics and chords


(Verse 1)       

C    Am  C   Am                     C    Am  

An--gel,       with those angel ey---es
Am                           Dm             G7 

Come and take this earth boy 

G7                   C      Dm    G7
Up to para------dise 



(Verse 2)   

C    Am  C   Am                   C    Am   C 

An--gel,       may I hold you  ti----ght? 

Am                     Dm        G7
Never kissed an angel 

G7                        C        C7
Let me kiss one tonight 



If I said "I love you" 

                                           C      C7
Would I be speaking out of turn? 

F                                                  G7     Dm    G7
I'm only human, but I'm willing to learn 


(Verse 3)   

C     Am  C   Am                           C    Am   C 

An--gel,         make my wish come tru--e 

Am                Dm        G7
Let me be in heaven  

G7                        C       (C7) 

here on earth with you 


REPEAT chorus  

REPEAT Verse 3 


C    Am    C   Am    C   Am 

An--gel,                   An--gel 


Final chords:  F - G - G# - G# - C 



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