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Colombiana (El Nuevo Dia)

Artist: Sal Bonavita

Composer: Paco Peña

Playing time: 3:02

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(Song and dance form) A delightful song form based on the melodies and rhythms of Colombian folk music. Like the Guajiras, Colombianas was brought into Spain in the 16th century by the returning Conquistadors. This form was brought to prominence by Carmen Amaya and Sabicas. For those who like a good argument, it has been suggested that Colombianas, like Rumba and Guajiras, is a variation on the Argentinean Tango.


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Toques Flamencos bu Paco Pena -includes Colombiana

Toques Flamencos

By Paco Pena.

Sheet Music and Audio CD.

85 pages.


Published by Music Sales.
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Toques Flamencos

By Paco Pena.

This book has 10 pieces that are well worth learning. All music is written in standard notation and tab. While it's not exactly a beginners book, it does contain a wealth of traditional falsetas and rasgueado patterns. I have always liked Paco Peña's playing because it's clean and the compás is always well defined.


I learned the Colombiana from this book because the first time I heard it I was hooked. This piece presented an enormous technical challenge to me, especially for my right hand. But it had such an irresistible aura, I was determined to master it. My playing ultimately improved as a result of practicing it endlessly. Good thing too, because when I started playing regular gigs with dancers, they talked me into playing Colombiana as the opening number. It is a beautiful and uplifting piece to play. I can think of nothing better for improving technique (in both hands) than to learn music that is such a joy to listen to. Other titles Every piece in this book is a masterpiece. I highly recommend it.


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