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Freqently asked questions about learning flamenco guitar



Flamenco metronomes

Commercial metronomes made specifically for flamenco, including one I designed myself

Dance Structure

A overview of how structure is important in a dance. Alegrias is used as an example

The Capo (Cejilla)

Why do we use a capo?

Blank music sheets

Amazingly, this is one of the most visited pages on this website

Playing for dancers

Learn to accompanying dancers.




What it is and why it's important?

The compás clock

A method of visuializing the 12 beat cycles in flamenco rhythms

Compás similarities

A chart showing cloesely related song forms

Compás groups

A chart grouping song forms into the 3 major catagories. This chart also shows beat count relationships

Flamenco family tree

Genealogy chart of the song forms indicating their origins and evolution

Tempos and moods

A subjective look at the general emotional basis of the major forms

Song regions

A diagram showing the regional origins of flamenco forms in Andalucia


Flamenco album covers

A collection of over 500 + flamenco album covers

Rafael Marin flamenco guitar method - 1902

A collection of over 500 + flamenco album covers

Australian flamenco

Links to Australian flamenco dance schools and artists


External links

Traditional Flamenco information

Traditional Flamenco History


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Rafael Marin - Free flamenco guitar method 
Rafael Marin
Flamenco guitar method 1902