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Artist: Sal Bonavita.

Playing time: 3.00
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(SONG FORM. CANTE JONDO. TOQUE LIBRE) Taranta is the song form of the miners. Originating in the province of Almeria, these songs are also associated with the neighboring provinces of Jaen and Murcia. Tarantas reflects a sense of tragedy, deprivation and sorrow. The dark sounding discordant melodies and open chords used in Tarantas give it a distinctive Oriental character. This doesn't mean Chinese. In flamenco speak, the word Oriental is taken to mean Arabic. The world is full of wonders, is it not?


(Song and dance form) A danceable form of Tarantas with a steady compás in 2/4 time.


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The guitar arrangement

This music in this video does not pretend to fit into any traditional tarantos mould or follow any structured pattern. It's just a simple collection of Tarantos bits and pieces and other ideas I cobbled together. This means I borrowed falsetas from here and there and added my own bits of melody and rhythm. The sheet music has video time markers.


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