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A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square - take 2


A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square -take 2



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A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square - take 2

Artist: Sal Bonavita

Playing time: 4.17
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A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square


Lyrics and chords

[intro] C Am Dm G7   


       C         Am          Em         C7  

That certain night, the night we met, 

                 F        E7                 Am    Fm 

There was magic abroad in the air. 

                   C7       G7     C7     Fm 

There were angels dining at the Ritz, 

          C                Am      Dm       G7    C          Am    Dm    G7  

And a nightingale sang in Berke---ley    Square. 



  C          Am      Em      C7 

I may be right, I may be wrong, 

            F            E7          Am     Fm 

But I'm perfectly willing to swear 

        C7           G7             C7           Fm 

That when you turned and smiled at me, 

    C               Am      Dm       G7    C           Am    B7 

A nightingale sang in Berke---ley    Square. 




       E              C#m             F#m7     B7 

The moon that lingered over London town 

         G#m7             F#m7       B7 

Poor puzzled moon, he wore a frown. 

        E           C#m                      F#m7   B7 

How could he know we two were so in    love? 

       G#m7                               Dm      G7 

The whole darn world seemed upside down. 



       C             Am           Em            C7 

The streets of town were paved with stars, 

          F         E7          Am     Fm 

It was such a romantic affair. 

        C7    G7              C7   Fm 

And as we kissed and said goodnight, 

    C               Am      Dm       G7    C           Am    B7 

A nightingale sang in Berke---ley    Square. 




            E                   C#m                   F#m7        B7 

When dawn came stealing up, all gold and blue 

      G#m7             F#m7       B7 

To interrupt our rendezvous, 

   E           C#m                     F#m7           B7 

I still remember how you smiled and said, 

G#m7                                 Dm     G7 

"Was that a dream? Or was it true?" 


       C              Am         Em      C7 

My   homeward step was just as light 

           F                E7       Am        Fm 

As the tap dancing feet of Astaire, 

       C7       G7    C7    Fm 

And like an echo  far    away 

    C               Am      Dm       G7    C           

A nightingale sang in Berke---ley    Square. 


"A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square" is the title of a well-known romantic British popular song with lyrics by Eric Maschwitz and music by Manning Sherwin.

First published in 1940, when it was performed in the show New Faces, it was most famously performed by Vera Lynn in the same year. She was not the first interpreter, being preceded by Ray Noble, and subsequently it has become a standard, being performed in a noteworthy fashion by Nat King Cole, Glenn Miller, Harry Connick Jr. and Sonny Rollins.

A famous version by The Manhattan Transfer won a Grammy in 1981 for its arranger, Gene Puerling. Veteran British musician Ian Hunter, former vocalist for Mott the Hoople, regularly performs it in his concerts; his rendition appears on at least two of Hunter's live recordings.

There was also a movie by this name, released in 1979 and directed by Ralph Thomas.
The Berkeley Square (pronounced "BARK-lee," in British form) referred to is a large leafy square in a quiet and expensive part of London, UK. Mayfair and The Ritz Hotel are also in London.



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