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Artist: Sal Bonavita.

Playing time: 1.52
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This video is a short solo with basic rhythm and falsetas. I should give credit to Antonio Vargas for yelling at me to slow down and to use simple falsetas. He also showed me the neat 'F E7 A' ending and miscellaneous melodic bits


(Song and dance form) Originating in Cuba, the Guajiras was brought into Spain in the 16th century by the returning Conquistadors. This cheeky dance form is normally played in the key of A major and notated with alternating measures of 6/8 and 3/4. The 12 beat compás is identical to Bulerias, but much slower. Guajiras is one of the more uplifting flamenco forms and a classy showpiece in any solo guitarist's repertoire. The words Guajira (singular) and Guajiras (plural) are commonly interchangable and mean exactly the same thing.

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