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Casa de Flamenco
(South Australia) Casa de Flamenco is the home of flamenco dance, guitar and Spanish language in the South of Adelaide. Offering fun, high quality classes with dynamic teachers trained in Spain. Experience the arts and culture offered through flamenco dance classes, guitar classes and Spanish language classes in a comfortable and relaxed environment with ocean views. Classes by Kristy Manuel. Guitar by Aloysius Leeson. Kristy and Aloysius also offer authentic performances for all occasions and events as Chispa Flamenca
. Casa de Flamenco is located at 5 Wandana Ave Seaview Downs.

Valeda Flamenco
(South Australia) Velada Flamenco is an exciting, & progressive new company. Virtuosos of fiery percussive rhythms, their performances are stirring and compelling. A company of talented and experienced dancers and musicians, Velada are inspired by the undeniable passion of flamenco. Guitar, percussion, flute, piano, viola, & song provide a rich musical landscape for the quintet of impressive dancers who blend staccato footwork with moments of sensitivity and aire.

Teatro del Mundo
(South Australia) Teatro del Mundo flamenco redefines flamenco for English speaking audiences. Flamenco dancer/choreographer Liana Vargas leads this AWARD winning company with over 20 years International performance and teaching experience. Liana teaches flamenco in Adelaide City and Adelaide Hills as well as regional centres around SA...

Studio Flamenco
(South Australia) Studio Flamenco is Adelaide's newest and most exciting flamenco school for children and adults. Flamenco Dancers and Teachers: Emma Fernée and Susi Dunlop. Both Emma and Susi have many years of experience as flamenco dance teachers and performers and have trained extensively in Sevilla, Spain, the heart of flamenco and nationally...

Flamenco Dance by Areti
(South Australia) Adelaide's premier Flamenco dance school offering professional dance tuition with live guitar accompaniment. A treasure of the Flamenco scene, Flamenco Dance By Areti have won a devoted following.

Triana flamenco dance studio
(South Australia) The home of authentic, Flamenco and Spanish Dance in Adelaide. Director - Veronica Vargas, lived and worked in Triana for several years. A powerful and exciting dancer.


Aloysius Leeson
(South Australia) Aloysius has been active for many years playing for the major dance schools and performance groups in Adelaide.

Florian Remus Daian
(South Australia) Florian is a guitarist whose progress in the last few years has been simply phenomenal. He regularly plays with the various dance schools and performing groups in Adelaide.


Flamenco from Canberra
(ACT) The art of Flamenco thrives all over the world, even in the most unlikely of places, such as Canberra, the national Capital of Australia ...

(Victoria) This site has lots of information about the flamenco scene in Melbourne

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