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Freight train

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Freight train



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Freight train

Artist: Sal Bonavita.

Playing time: 2.50
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Freight train

Elizabeth Cotten wrote this song around 1907. She was born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina on January 5, 1895. One of four children of George Nevills and Louise Price Nevills. At about the age of eight, started playing her older brother's Banjo and, a little later, brother's hidden guitar. When he was out she would pull the guitar from under his bed and set it flat on her lap. She saved money and finally got her own guitar, 'Stella'. To learn a new tune she needed only to hear it played once by other musicians around her town. Her brothers and sister could also play. Sometimes they would play homemade instruments around the house for themselves and friends.
She wrote the song Freight Train when she was twelve years old.


Lyrics and chords



C                                     G7
Freight train freight train goin’ so fast 

Freight train freight train goin’ so fast 

E                  E7          F
Please don’t tell what train I’m on
              C               G7            C 

So they won’t know where I’ve gone. 

Freight train, freight train, comin’ round the bend
Freight train, freight train, gone again
One of these days I’ll turn that train around
Go back to my hometown.


One more place I’d like to be
One more place I’d love to see
To watch those old blue ridge mountains climb
As I ride ol’ number nine.


When I die Lord bury me deep
Down at the end of of old Chestnut  Street
So I can hear ol’ number nine
As she goes rollin’ by.





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