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Artist: Sal Bonavita.

Playing time: 0.57
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This is based on the style of the Rumba (Tempestad) found in Juan Serrano's "Basic Techniques" book. See below for details.


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Flamenco Guitar (Basic Techniques)

By Juan Serrano.

Book and CD

Multiple Levels


Text language English and Spanish.

148 pages.


Published by Mel Bay Publications
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In various ways, this method is in direct contrast to Juan Martin's style and approach. The rasgueados lessons and exercises are great and very different in style. So many beginners think that there is only one way to play flamenco. Not true. I learned some valuable lessons about right hand technique from this method. Juan Serrano has some other books full of challenging, but manageable solos, but this is the book to buy first.


This book begins at the beginning with photos showing finger strokes and basic music theory. The technical section has exercises for rasgueados, tremolo, arpeggio scales and ligados. The 11 solos are good, chunky study pieces and include a preamble explaining origins and characteristics. The rasgueado styles used in this book are significantly different to Juan Martin's style of playing. Both are solid traditional flamenco styles but different. It’s worth leaning both. I particularly like Juan Serrano’s way of starting rasgueados with "i" instead of "e". Written in English and Spanish.



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