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I was the one


I was the one




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I was the one

Artist: Sal Bonavita.

Playing time:3.30

Words & music by Aaron Schroeder, Claude DeMetrius, Hal Blair, Bill Peppers
Recorded by Elvis Presley (1956)
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Lyrics and chords
             F#m       Bm                E7  

I was the one who taught her to kiss 

        A                  F#m          Bm    E7 

The way that she kisses you now. 

         A                   A7         D                    Dm 

And you know the way she touches your cheek, 

A       F#m            B7     E7 

Well, I taught her how. 



A              F#m      Bm                E7 

I was the one who taught her to cry 

           A                     F#m          Bm    E7 

When she wants you under her spell. 

        A                A7                      D               Dm 

The sight of her tears drives you out of your mind, 

A     Bm     E7       A     A7 

I      taught her so well. 






And then one day 

Dm                      A         E7b9       A 

I had my love as perfect as could be. 


She lived, she loved, she laughed, she cried, 


And it was all for me. 




       A           F#m          Bm               E7

But I'll never know who taught her to lie. 

        A                  F#m        Bm      E7 

And now that it's over and done, 

A                          A7                D                    Dm 

Who learned the lesson when she broke my heart? 

A  Bm  E7         A  (A7)  

I    wa--s   the   one.



Repeat from ** 


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