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Dark Eyes


Dark Eyes




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Dark Eyes

Artist: Sal Bonavita.

Playing time: 3.20
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Lyrics and chords



             E7                      Am 

Eyes of ecstacy,   Always haunting me, 

            E7                               Am   

Always taunting me  With your mystery! 

             Dm                 Am 

Tell me tenderly,   You belong to me 

       E7                             Am 

For eternity,    Dark eyes, talk to me!  



              E7                               Am 

Eyes so dark and dear,  Eyes of love and fear, 

           E7                        Am 

Beautiful and true,  I'm in love with you, 

                Dm                           Am  

Gleaming eyes of love, Like the stars above, 

        E7                               Am 

You stole my heart, May we never part, 



           E7                       Am 

Gypsy melody    that has haunted me,  

               E7                         Am   

can't you set me free   Of all memory 

          Dm                                Am 

of the time that's waste  of the path we traced 

          E7                       Am 

of the pain we taste   so endlessly 


Ukrainian poet Yevhen Hrebinka (1812-1848) composed the poem "Dark Eyes" in St. Petersburg, Russia, after falling in love with a dark-eyed beauty. The identity of the composer who set Hrebinka's words to music is not known.



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