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Flamenco Guitar Lessons

Lessons for flamenco guitar technique

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Guitar technique
Tremolo Mastery
Floating - Tremolo study
Rumba Rhythm Lesson
Picado - alternate picking
Picado Hand angles
Picado vs rest stroke
Finger robotics - Muscle memory. How to develop speed by practicing slowly.


Rasgueado Mastery
Index strokes - The most basic rasgueado
4 stroke rasgueado - e a m i
4 stroke rasgueado - i e a m
Triplet rasgueado - P m P
Pinky flick


Practice scales
2 octave C Major practice scale
3 octave E Major practice scale


Apreggio study
Floating - Arpeggio study


Other things
Palmas  - flamenco hand clapping
Finger symbols



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Rafael Marin - Free flamenco guitar method 
Rafael Marin
Flamenco guitar method 1902