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Your mother should know

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Your mother should know



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Your mother should know

Artist: Sal Bonavita

Composer: Lennon/McCartney

Arrangement: Eric Schoenberg

Playing time: 1.15

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Your Mother Should Know

This is a song by The Beatles from their 1967 album Magical Mystery Tour, released in the US as a LP on November 27, 1967 and in the UK as a double-EP on December 8, 1967. Its writing is credited to Paul McCartney and John Lennon, although Lennon's contributions were reportedly minimal.


It is sung by McCartney and was recorded and mixed between August 22 and November 7 of 1967. The song was originally composed with the use of continuous drum rolls by Ringo Starr giving the impression of a funeral march. This version was later scratched in favor of the more fluid version (minus the drum rolls) released on the Magical Mystery Tour album.


The song appeared in the last part of the movie Magical Mystery Tour in an elaborate, old-fashioned segment that has The Beatles in white tuxedoes performing a (rather poorly synchronized) dance number at a fancy dress ball. Paul is the only one wearing a black carnation, contributing to the "Paul is Dead" theory.



Fingerpicking Beatles

Arrangements: Eric Schoenberg
Publisher: Amsco Publications

Order No: 30941

US Code no: 020234.1

ISBN: 8256.2234.4


Sixteen original arrangements of songs for fingerstyle guitarists of all levels, in standard notation and tablature, with tips on learning each arrangement, by Eric Schoenberg.


This is a great little book full of amazing arrangements. Just when I thought I had a reasonable mastery of left hand technique, along comes a book like this to prove me wrong. Getting started with any of these pieces can be a huge challenge if you are not used to syncopated, polyphonic melodies. But these pieces are such a joy to play it's definitely worth the effort. If I had to rate this book, I would give it 5 out of 5 stars.



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