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Take Five

Classical guitar solo

Take Five



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Take Five

Artist: Sal Bonavita.

Playing time: 2.12
Composer: Paul Desmond
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Dave Brubeck

The first jazz figure ever to make the cover of Time, Brubeck (b. 1920) has for nearly half a century been a major figure as pianist, composer, and leader of perhaps the most widely known and well-traveled quartet in the history of jazz.


This was the foursome that was together from 1958 to 1967, featuring the elegantly floating alto saxophone of Paul Desmond, bassist Eugene Wright and drummer Joe Morello. The quartet's "Take Five" (whose haunting, bluesy melody was written by Desmond) was their crossover breakthrough hit in 5/4 time.


"Take Five" is so much the work of Brubeck, Desmond, Gene Wright, and Joe Morello that it has never been covered much by other jazz artists.



Dave Brubeck - Greatest Hits CD


The guitar arrangement

Based on an arrangement by John Zaradin, Copyright © 1986 by Wise productions. It comes from a book called "Popular Songs for the Classical Guitar".


This arrangement is by Sal Bonavita, Copyright © 2006.

Many changes have been made to John Zaradin's original arrangement, including the basic feel. Lots of notes have been left out and others added to make it easier to play.


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