Nylon Guitarist


by Sal Bonavita

Nails and Fingernail care

Tips on how to maintain strong nails

Guitar strings

What strings are best for flamenco

10 Guitar habits I avoid

They are commonly practiced by electric or acoustic guitar players but I think they are liabilities for a nylon string guitar.


Choosing a guitar for flamenco

Choosing a flamenco guitar for beginners

Flamenco compas

What Is It And Why Is It So Important?

Traditional Vs Modern Flamenco

What is traditional flamenco and why is it so vastly different from the flamenco played today?

What flamenco is NOT

A look at the weird and wonderful world of flamingo guitar.

Duende - flamenco spirit

What is duende and why is it important for your credibility?

Passionless music critics

I have never liked professional music critics. Here's why.

Manitas de Plata

A flamenco legend who is rarely mentioned but often criticized.

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Rafael Marin - Free flamenco guitar method 
Rafael Marin
Flamenco guitar method 1902