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Ask me first.
Please do NOT just copy my material onto your website without asking me first. It's not polite and it makes me very unhappy to stumble across my stuff on the web by accident. This applies particularly to my original sheet music transcriptions, videos and mp3s.

In some cases I may grant permission. It depends. Try me.

If copy permission is granted, all I normally ask is that you mention me by name as the author (Sal Bonavita)
A working link back to my website acknowledging me as the source.



Return links
If you intend to reproduce text based material (not mp3s and video) on the your website, that's usually fine. But I would still appreciate it if you ask me first. Please make sure the return link to my website is a working, (clickable) link.

Nylon Guitarist

PLAIN TEXT LINK (no good to anybody)

I don't mind at all if you get creative with the return link such as:
The best guitar website in the whole wide world

As long as it works
Thanks a lot



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